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Saturday, June 8, 2013


Hello my boring blog, blogger had evolve to become so convenient!well done GOOGLE!

Ermmmm what to  say~ ermmmmm~
Can see how bored I am to come and post something on this blog,
Looking back at my old posts brings back a lot of memories.

Here I am, back to BP,
Things to do:

just kidding =P

I've actually had a few things in mind that I want to do for these few months,
hope can get things done instead of wasting my time stoning, watching movies...

... . . .... ... . . . ... .... .......... . . ... . ...... .. random dots of happiness!

well, I've decided to be back in the blogging business(pretty sure is 三分钟热度)
This is one of the most secure & kinda like my secret hideout online,
where only maybe 1 or 2 who cares about me will bother to look at,
a place for me to let it all out, maybe not all la, still got 1 or 2 viewing my post =P



Sunday, July 17, 2011

Sing to Him

Today during Youth group worship rehearsal,
I guided some to the youths about how to sing to Him,
I told them,
you can sing to Him like you're having a deep conversation with your lover,
and what I ask them to do is to look at someone and sing those song to catch the feel,
it's quite weird , but i find it quite effective haha

Other than that,
you can be like being grateful to someone who has been caring for you all the time whether you like it or not,
singing your love
singing to your father, your friend
sing to a person you adore
sing to a person who is worthy of all your praises...

That's not really a right or a wrong way to sing to Him,
when you saw a worship song you find it easier for you to express your feeling to Him,
just sing it,
the Verses, Chorus, Bridge...
Just keep repeating as if you're asking your dad to buy you an ice-cream when you were a kid,

Other than that, just take notice on those technical stuff, if you're in the worship team,
build up a good atmosphere for the congregation to stay focus on Him
Yea, it's stay focus on Him, not you, always remember this!

Other than this, what you must always do is to pray all the times to invite God's presence in every meeting,
I think that's all I could think of,
just do your best,
what he wants is not just how sweet your voice is, how good is your musical instrument skills,
what he wants is just YOUR HEART,
He is always seeking for true worshipers,
when you have a right attitude worshiping Him,
He will just improve your voice, your musical instrument skills and whatever you need to worship Him.

So, that's just a little guide i think of after trying to tell my youth group about worshiping Him...


Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Last $aturday

So last Saturday, 
I went to have breakfast with Louisa and Royghes Tan, quite random I know,

just comment a few in the midnight and they decided to have breakfast, What kind of world? =D
Ate two Plain Roti and Teh-o Ais  

And then in the afternoon, go and watch TRANSFORMER with church friend & Royghes, YEAH! 

It just twisted the story of the awesome Mr.Armstrong going to the moon ,LOL!
But the storyline is very impressive 
Unlike most of the movie,
the quality of this movie still remain even it's already episode3
Good Job Micheal Bay 

How i wish i could have a bumblebee!
So beautiful but not really beautiful when it turns into a transformer Haha!

I certainly don't want Optimus Prime in my house,
cause, it's TOO MASSIVE to fit in my house, 

Waste Space, waste petrol, waste.....MONEY$
So, from now on I need to save money to buy a CHEVROLET
Okay fine!.... I will just buy a toy bumble bee  

And, I've discovered the most important message,
the core value of this move 
and I've decided to tell YOU!

It's never buy an Mercedes Benz SLS AMG! 

Or else it will turn into a octupus or viper,something like that to kill you!

That's all!

Thursday, June 30, 2011

Nothing to do in KL

I'm currently trapped in my dad's apartment in KL doing nothing,
After some quiet time, checking facebook then nothing to do already,
That makes me think that I'm qualify to sing "The lazy song" XD

Crazy mega sale in KL, make my pocket getting thinner and thinner T.T
Never mind,take it as an investment for myself  0.0

Well, I'm coming up to SS15 to live in 12th of August,
Just realised there's actually quite a walking distance from the place i stay to INTI subang,

What kind of friends will I mix with or maybe no friend?
Which church will I go and serve?
Let's see what will happen,
all I know is God will make a way for me ^^

bye, wait TEEHEE ,so fun!

Thursday, June 9, 2011

I'm a YWAMer

Now school officially ended, I'm officially a YWAMer!
This 5 months is definitely a highlight of my life,
learn many things, met great friends, experience culture shocks and all sort of things
I'm really gonna miss Penang and my friends.
too many things to miss, can't finish all, in other words , i'm lazy to type out all XP

Thanks God for giving me chance to go to DTS!

So now, need to figure out what to do for the next few months before go to university.
hmm....FB whole day? Movie marathon?
Don't know now, let me rest for one day first!

The end!

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Pattaya-Song Khla+outreach

Arrived at Pattaya last night,
5hours in an open-air truck is totally a new experience for me.

Once we reached Pattaya, we could hear music blasting around,because it was Song Khla festival!
1st, caught up in the traffic, then we had no where to escape,
Cold water keep splashing in,
the crazy people climbed up our truck and 'bless' us with flour
People dancing everywhere. Such a cool festival!

So, our outreach was officially starting,
So far so good, we're now staying at a place owned by korean called 'Rodem House'.
We partner with Rodem House, our 1st Job is helping the HIV centre to do some planting job,
It was my 1st time,cool and hard, but i enjoyed it

God bless Pattaya...
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Friday, April 15, 2011

Waiting in the Airport

One more hour then my team will fly to Bangkok.
Now waiting...so free
Everyone are busying on the phone,
No one to talk to...Quiet time!

Well,today is also the last day seeing Taylor,miss him a!
Hope that we will meet again onw day:)

The end of lecture phase,
The start of Outreach phase!
Hope that God will use us mightily, powerfully in Thailand.
goodbye Malaysia!
Woah,1st time leave Malaysia for such a long time...

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